Resona 7. The Symposium.
New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation

Mindray, as a world leading company in ultrasound innovation, nowadays has stepped into the most challenging field of ultrasound imaging. With the new generation of imaging technology platform, ZST+ (Zone Sonography Technology Plus), Mindray is bringing new waves of ultrasound to your professionals. We cordially invite you to attend Mindray Symposium at ECR 2017 for an advanced experience with the state art ultrasound technology.

Please kindly find below the event information and Agenda

Time: 12:30-13:30,1st Mar 2017
Venue: Room L8, ACV First Level

Chairman: Dr Alfredo Goddi

Speaker and Topics


Willy Luiten

Mindray Europe Marketing and Sales Director for Ultrasound

Opening Speech


Glen Mc Laughlin

Chief Product Officer, Mindray-Zonare, San Francisco, USA

New Technologies for Ultrasound Imaging


Dr. Med. Hans-Peter Weskott

KRH Klinikum Siloah-Ostadtadt, Hannover, Germany

Vector Flow-A New Technique for Analysis of Blood Flow Hemodialysis


Prof. Fabrizio Calliada

Director or the Radiology Dept. of Policlinico San Matteo Pacia, Italy

Vector Flow in Artero-Venous Fistulas for Hemodialysis
Zone Sonography Technology


Dr. Med Francesco Giangregorio

Gastroenterologist at Department of Gastroenterology, Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital, Italy

New Mindray ZST+ Ultrasound Technologies Applied to Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging (CEUS)


1st March 2017

W. Luiten
G. Mc Laughlin
Dr. Med. H. Weskott
Prof. F. Calliada
Dr. Med. F. Giangregorio

Look forward to your presence!

Free lunch bags will be provided


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Lounge Symposium ECR 2017

During the ECR 2017 between 2-4 March 2017, various speakers will give lectures in the exclusive Resona Series Club Lounge. These presentations are exclusive for club members. The club lounge is located on the Mindray campus. Be a part.

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